Once Again a Cancer Awareness Month

Although cancer awareness months are valuable in keeping everyone aware of the risks of cancer, it is also sad that we “celebrate” so many.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this is a cancer that affects both men and women, although women are diagnosed much more frequently. For both men and women , genetic counseling will assess your risk and determine whether genetic testing would be beneficial. Learning if you have a genetic disposition for breast cancer allows you to make proactive decisions to reduce your chance of a diagnosis. Whether it be advanced surveillance, surgical intervention, or lifestyle changes, taking control of your risks can help to avoid a diagnosis or allow for an early discovery of cancer that greatly enhances the chance of survival.

Being aware of your family history of breast cancer and related cancers is your first step in awareness for yourself and your family members up and down your bloodline. If you have questions regarding your history or potential risks, complete our Hereditary Cancer Quiz.

Awareness is the first step toward empowering yourself to take control of your family cancer risk.

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